Receive Ye Welcome

Let the Guest sojourning here know that in this home(page) our life is simple.

What we cannot afford we do not offer, but what good cheer we can give....we give gladly.

We make no strife for appearance sake. Know also friend, that we live a life of labour, therefore, if at times we separate ourselves from thee, do ye occupy thyself according to thine hearts desire.

We will not defer to thee in opinion or ask thee to defer to us. What thou thinketh ye shall say, if ye wish, without giving offense.

What we think, we also say, believeing that truth hath many aspects, and that love is large enough to encompass them all.

So, while ye tarry here with us we would have thee enjoy the blessings of a home, health, love and freedom, and we pray that thou mayst find the final blessing of life.