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This is the page where you find out all about if you cared. Please feel free to look. Don't touch...

I write poetry. You are welcome to read it and, if you feel the need, flame me for it. You are not allowed to copy it or claim you wrote it (as if you would want to!) or anything that violates the copyright laws.

Following this link implies consent to viewing material that some people may find offensive. If you go here and don't like it, I will deny ever knowing you. Which, is probably the case anyway.
This message brought to you by the schmucks America voted into office. Exercise your rights...



My Life Story...

Did you think I was really going to tell you that? No way.

I work in Project Management (Cost and Schedules) for a large construction firm. It's a living :)

I live on the Web. Been on since 1985 on ARPANet. Impressive huh?

I do freelance HTML and Web site construction for non-profits with free consults and Internet setup... Write me.
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