This is for all those who can't move. This is for all those who can't do. This is for all those who can't dream. This is for all those who have lost hope. This is for those who live in the caves of their hearts, for those who admit ugliness by adornment, by those who are Islands.

Oh Lord, give us the wisdom to discern your love and to love ourselves. Lord send this world love.

This Column is to announce the coming of a special on-line vehicle. This publication will be oriented towards contemplation, prayer and finding the Hermitage within ourselves. The new publication will be called Urban Hermit.

Building on the traditions of Benedictine, Carmelite and Franciscan spirituality, Urban Hermit will publish monographs of writers from all over the U.S. (and hopefully the world) writing about living the contemplative life in an urban setting amidst city life.

If you subscribe to a spiritual journal presently, you wil most likely see authors whose works you have enjoyed in the past. We hope you bring you your "old favorites" as well as new writers bringing a fresh perspective to the scene.

Publication kick-off date is set for the beginning of November.

Watch this space for further developments and announcements as to where and when you can find Urban Hermit.

Pax et Bonum.

When he is not on-line, Drew teaches computing, installs networks, surfs the Web, and does some HTML authoring. He lives in Everett, WA.
You can contact him at

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